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Beauty Hacks & Tea

A cup of tea can be the perfect start to your morning or the perfect way to end a hectic day.  It can soothe a sore throat or quench your thirst.  But, there are other uses for tea that many often aren’t aware of.  Tea, specifically loose leaf tea, can be used for multi purposes, especially beauty hacks.  Many of these hacks are skincare or hair care related, and are equipped to revive and rejuvenate one’s overall appearance.

The anti-oxidant, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties present in tea, helps keep your skin healthy and glowing.  Green tea and Black tea contain caffeine and are super rich in catechins and polyphenols, two anti-oxidants known to fight acne and aging.

                                      Here are five beauty hacks using tea:

  • Steam Facial: One of the most relaxing skincare beauty regimes is to give yourself a steam facial using tea. A great option of tea to use for a steam facial is green tea due to its detoxifying and relaxing elements.  First, add a tablespoon of the tea leaves to boiling water, and allow it time to soak. The longer you let it soak, the stronger the facial and overall scent will be.  After the tea leaves diffuse, soak a clean washcloth in the tea and water mixture.  Place the washcloth on your face and let it sit for five to ten minutes.  If the heat starts to leave the washcloth, soak it again for a more effective result.  Afterwards, your skin will feel hydrated and refreshed!
  • Eye Soak: Another great tea beauty hack is an eye soak. This is another regime that is refreshing, while being a relaxing treatment. Use a green tea, due to its reviving elements, and energizing qualities. Place a teaspoon or two of the tea leaves into a cloth bag with about a tablespoon of water. Place the two tea infused bags into the freezer and let them sit for around five minutes, until the bags are cooled.  Place the tea bags on your eyes and let them sit for ten to fifteen minutes. Say goodbye to puffy, dark under eyes!


        • Cleanser- For more of a cleansing treatment, and less of a relaxation treatment, create a cleanser out of loose leaf tea. A green tea can be used like the previous hacks, as it is light and effective, without overpowering the positive attributes of your skin. It is energizing, but not too overbearing.  To create a mask, only three things are needed: loose leaf green tea, honey and water to add to the tea leaves.  Let it sit until a medium strength.  Add a tablespoon or two of honey to give it some substance.  Massage this mixture all over your face and allow it to sit for at least 5 minutes for optimal results.  Rinse and pat dry with a clean towel.   Afterwards, your skin will feel cleansed and replenished.  THIS GREEN TEA WILL WORK WONDERS!!
        • Toner: Another beauty hack that will get rid of bad toxins in the skin while still cleansing is to create a toner out of loose leaf tea.  A stronger tea, like black tea, should be used for more visible results.  Black tea is known to reduce oil and even out the skin tone.  Black tea is also known for its antioxidants, which help protect and repair the skin from any damage.  To make the toner, simply seep some black tea leaves in hot water and wipe it over the face with a cotton ball.  Be sure to get the most oily parts of the face, like the nose and forehead.   Your skin will become less oily and more flawless!  A PERFECT STRONG BLACK TEA IN LOOSE LEAF


        Hair Health- The last beauty hack using tea isn’t targeted towards your skin, but your hair instead! Tea can work wonders for hair, on top of all of its other wonderful attributes.  Oolong tea is known to be the most beneficial for hair. It softens, while adding silkiness and shine without making your hair look greasy.   For healthy hair using tea, just add some oolong tea leaves to hot water, and run it through the hair.  Focus primarily on the ends, as they tend to be the most dry and damaged of your tresses.  For the most effective results, allow the tea to soak into the hair before rinsing it out.  Continue to do this same process once a week, and the results will be better than you expected! 


                                                                     BEAUTY ME TEA TIN for HEALTHY SKIN & HAIR