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Beauty Hacks & Tea

A cup of tea can be the perfect start to your morning or the perfect way to end a hectic day.  It can soothe a sore throat or quench your thirst.  But, there are other uses for tea that many often aren’t aware of.  Tea, specifically loose leaf tea, can be used for multi purposes, especially beauty hacks.  Many of these hacks are skincare or hair care related, and are equipped to revive and rejuvenate one’s overall appearance.

The anti-oxidant, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties present in tea, helps keep your skin healthy and glowing.  Green tea and Black tea contain caffeine and are super rich in catechins and polyphenols, two anti-oxidants known to fight acne and aging. 

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Green Tea Conditioner

Start protecting your hair now for the fall and winter with a nourishing green tea conditioner.  It acts as an excellent moisturizer for your dehydrated tresses and will stimulate your scalp, help prevent hair loss and make your hair refreshed and shiny! 


3-4 Tbsp. Green tea leaves

1 Cup of boiling water

2 Tbsp. honey

2 Tbsp. un-melted coconut oil

Add 1 cup of boiling water to the green tea leaves and steep for about 10 minutes.  Strain the leaves and let them cool.  Add the honey and the coconut oil to the tea and mix well.

After washing your hair, apply the mixture generously from root to tip, massaging it into your scalp and hair. For best results, let the conditioner sit in your hair for 30 minutes before rinsing it out with cool water.

Tea can work wonders for hair, along with all of its other wonderful attributes.

Oolong tea is known to be the most beneficial for hair. It softens, while adding silkiness and shine without making your hair look greasy.

For healthy hair using tea, just add some oolong tea leaves to hot water, and run it through the hair.  Focus primarily on the ends, as they tend to be the most dry and damaged of your tresses.

For the most effective results, allow the tea to soak into the hair before rinsing it out.  Continue to do this same process once a week, and the results will be better than you expected! 

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                             Black Tea Aftershave

Does your skin get bumpy, itchy and red after shaving?   There are aftershave creams  that can be bought to help solve this problem, however, they are often made with chemicals and artificial ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin.  Black tea is a natural, gentle and effective alternative to store bought aftershave.

Make a cup of hot black tea, letting it steep for 30-to 45-seconds.  Cool the tea bag down by squeezing it and letting it sit in the fridge for at least 15 minutes. 

Gently rub the cool tea bag over the affected area and let it rest on top of the skin for several minutes.  The tannins in black tea are soothing to the skin, therefore, providing immediate relief.  Our EARL GREY is an excellent choice of premium, pure ceylon black tea.