Wherever acne goes, scarring is not too far behind. In fact, if you suffer from acne you probably also have some scarring.  Luckily, green tea not only fights acne but also scarring from previous breakouts.

One of the most potent compounds found in green tea, catechin ECGC, is highly effective at reducing skin inflammation.  When your skin is less inflamed, the severity of your acne sores decreases as well.  This treatment limits the formation of scars and promotes skin cell repair at the same time.

How to treat acne scars:

Boil two cups of water and add two tablespoons of loose green tea.  Allow the tea to steep for ten minutes.  When the water is at a comfortable temperature, place a washcloth directly into the tea.

Apply the washcloth to your skin and allow it to soak the area. Make sure the water is not too hot to prevent irritation.

 This pure Ceylon Green Tea, "Gun Powder" is a special variant of green tea where whole leaves of handpicked Camellia Sinensis are dried, compressed and rolled into little, shotty pellets.   Gun powder tea leaves are known for their ability to retain freshness longer than any other green tea leaf. 

Gun powder green tea is light in colour with a delicate aroma, a distinctively sharp flavour and a light, smoky rich undertone.